Apply to Any Elements

Responsive color
Responsive line-height
Responsive letter-spacing
Responsive word-spacing
Responsive font-size
Responsive font-weight
Responsive font-style
Responsive white-space
Responsive text-overflow
Responsive text-align
Responsive text-transform
Responsive text-decoration
Responsive Position
Custom Selector apply css
Show/Hide option on any devices

Responsive Margin
Responsive Padding
Responsive Border Color
Responsive Border Size
Responsive Border Style
Responsive Border Radius
Responsive Background Color
Responsive Background Image
Responsive Background Size
Responsive Display
Responsive Width
Responsive Height
Responsive Max-Width
Responsive Max-Height

Custom Any Element with full option!

Step 1: Create Devices or import devices.xml in downloaded package

Step 2: Edit Elements or use Responsive PRO element

And you can choose more settings for it